Friday May 27th
6:00PM – Conference Check In
7:00PM – Introduction
7:40PM – Main Session 1 – “Living in Light of Eternity”
8:30PM – Additional Conference Details

Saturday May 28th
8:00AM – Continental Breakfast (Burkholder Lobby)
9:00AM – Worship (Suckau Chapel)
9:25AM – Overview of Conference Tracks
9:45AM – Track Session 1
10:50AM – Track Session 2
11:45AM – Ice Breaker
12:15PM – Lunch
12:40PM – Break
1:45PM – Track Session 3
2:45PM – Break
3:00PM – Activities
5:00PM – Dinner (Burkholder Lobby)
6:30PM – Testimonies and Prayer
8:00PM – Main Session 2 – “The Kingdom Advancing”

Sunday May 29th
8:00AM – Continental Breakfast (Burkholder Lobby)
9:00AM – Worship (Suckau Chapel)
9:25AM – STM’s, LTM’s, Students Preparing to Return
9:55AM – Prayer
10:05AM – Break
10:20AM – Track Session 4
11:20AM – Main Session 3
12:10PM – Lunch
1:30PM – Group Time (Zoo, Old Market, etc.)
3:00PM – Asia Interface through Monday 2PM

Track Descriptions

Missionary Track: So You Want To Be a Missionary
Doug Brown, Mike Bergen, Mark Groff and Ken Young

Jesus said the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to all the people groups in the world and then the end will come (Matthew 24:14). Do you sense that God has stirred you to answer His call in advancing the Gospel by going to another country? What do you do next? What are the issues to be aware of when being a missionary to another country? How do you prepare yourself, your family and your church for this call? In this conference track we will address these and other questions to help you get started in fulfilling this ministry.

ISM Track: ISM and Cross-Cultural Ministry
Jim Wiebelhaus, Ching Yu Wang, Craig McClanahan and Ken Young

In Track Session 1, Ching You will speak about outreaching to international students. In Track Session 2, Craig McClanahan will cover aspects of building community and developing leaders, which will include topics such as leading by example, building unity, and being on mission together. In Track Session 3, Jim Wiebelhaus will discuss ministry after college. After all, most people are only a student for a few short years. Many people then stumble and wander in their walk with Christ after college because of a lack of vision and/or understanding and therefore, preparation. Jim will cover some practical insights and resources to help you and to help you help others prepare and prosper in their walk with God.

Muslim Track: Understanding and Reaching Muslim Refugees & Immigrants
Speaker Panel

With all of the turmoil in the Muslim world today, Muslims urgently need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. The Muslim culture is vastly different from the rest of the world, so we need to understand how to share with them effectively. In this track, we’ll cover some important principles for understanding Muslims and discuss helpful ways to present the Gospel to your Muslim friends. Even if you don’t currently know any Muslims, chances are you will in the future, so come get equipped NOW! Track Session 1 will provide an introduction to Muslim Ministry, and provide helpful principles to get started and finish well. Track Session 2 will discuss Kingdom Circles, a culturally sensitive introduction to the Gospel. Track Session 3 will cover the Path of the Prophets, a Gospel explanation for the Muslim Worldview. The final Track Session entitled “Across the World and Right Next Door” will give a strategy for practically reaching Muslim immigrants and refugees.